Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wisdom? & Ego...

(>.<) I am awoken by my handphone alarm to find an unread message - "Rain, no play". I ring Marcus up to inform him. Luckily, he is still at home. I look out the window and feel somewhat thankful for the weather. Sleep-addict am I? No, I really need the sleep. And besides, I did my evening 5km yesterday. *poof* (-.-) *plonks back into polyester dreams*

Later, I am startled awake again for 2 reasons. (o.<) No, not because bad bedbugs bit. But ...

1) mainly because my internal bio-clock has activated a mechanical,woodcraft bird that emerges, from between my cerebral hemispheres, to begin prancing about irritatingly. (A hunting-compound-bow would come in handy now I thought) But if I ignored the "cuckoos" any further, I would be in for a rude shock later; when my bio-clock decides to up the dose by sounding the "grandfather-chimes" bundled with hunger-pangs and oversleeping-headaches.

2) Part of the startling is due to having remembered that I forgot to say a prayer before bedtime the night before. I don't know why, but the tinge of guilt that I felt eased away once I said simple words of thanks. But still, I do not know if I am speaking to Him. For I've not received any reply at all. Perhaps faith is the answer itself.

Random Post-meeting Afterthoughts:
U: in doing business, one must be shrewd
T: one must have trust in the partners involved

U: that guy seems like a hypocrite to me
T: trust appears not only in business, but also in relationships

U: always make a back door for yourself, so that you don't get played-out or back-stabbed
T: trust the system that we have; because it works!

To me, each one speaks his own personal wisdom - a culmination of hard-earned experience and sheer self-righteousness that may rub off positively or negatively on others. I tend to be easily swayed but here I'm really sincerely convinced about the deal. Just need to understand the mechanics of it all; before I can share it well enough with others.

Dropped by the club with the intention of shooting. But somehow got myself into another act of volunteerism? Only this time, I initiated that opportunity & volunteered myself! (No one was asking, Shameless I am eh?) It started off with a chat with Mr.S about whether I could skip the Beginner's Course and join right away as a member. Later, I remembered you mentioned something about plans for a new club T-shirt before. So I decided to whet my curiousity & inquire about it's progress from Mr.S. I didn't have to do much prodding before he readily showed me a sample Tee and club-logo for reference. He'd wished to have some help on this I thought. Later, Mr.F came along and joined in the discussion as well. And there and then, I decided to lend a hand.

(After doing the WASBE flyer & banner for free, now this. You all must be thinking I'm crazy.) Well, if there were anything to expand my portfolio with; that I find meaningful enough to do even just for the sake of people-pleasing design, I'll do for peanuts. I'm no professional, but I'll always try my best. (Just so that people don't curse and swear at me in case my name gets stamped on the inferiorly-designed-&-tardily-manufactured product) :p

Congratulations for being conned into reading this post. Thou may not have found any wisdom in it; but it's all the truth for today.
*roar* *chest-thumping* :o)


joline said...

Woooooo... So can we look forward to an uber cool archery design? (thoughts of an attitudinal looking logo/archer... coming to head)
This should be an interesting undertaking.

Yeah, there is wisdom in both U and T's business values.

Hm... I'm not quite sure of what you are expecting Him to say. But let me share that sometimes apart from revealing something verbally, visually, or whatever else, He also manoeuvers physical circumstances and also uses people to communicate. (a post on Feb 28 on my blog)

WR said...

Heh yea, hope I can produce something close to what u describe~ But at the moment, I'm still working with the existing club-logo; trying to incorporate it. During discussion, Mr.F was keen on using blue,yellow&red stripes *gasp!* but I tried to convince him & Mr.S tt those colours were safer to keep within the logo's boundary only But see how again when I do the layout on e PC.
I'll go do research on your Blog for tt post :)