Monday, June 20, 2005

No Wonder

To Summarise the day:
Feeling: heppy, appreciated; thankful for and grateful to the people around me
Music: Latin Jazz
Food: Fish Ball Mee Pok, Rice
Work: Banner-design revision
There's no real content for today. But making plans for the week, I am, yes.

I've always taken a liking to the various forms of online-communication for purposes of keeping in touch with friends, family and acquaintances . Today I was told: "God speaks.. in various ways" Now, if only He had Messenger, Friendster and online forums back then.. Talk about spreading the word~!

Will leave you now with a not-so-pleasing-eyeful of optical-illusion-art in progress:

Silly Art Days circa 2001

Killl those hObbiTsSss.. we must~!
He has... our.. pre----ciious!

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