Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stingy Prose

Woke up feeling a little zonked; but since I got my fill of 7hrs, my dizzy head got better soon enough. Er, realised I fell asleep while composing an SMS half-way at bedtime too~!

Here's some eye-candy(or space-fillers if you prefer) for you:
These were taken along the North-South Highway. My family and I were making our way home after spending Chinese New Year in K.L.

homeward bound: look at the jam that goes on & on...

watching: man in the mirror is going to fall asleep at the rate traffic is moving

stripped solitude : the only bare tree in the immediate vicinity of a resting spot

I thought this post was good enough script-material for Hollywood. Well done Marcus~! However, the post-9/11 fascination with war-movies has somewhat subsided recently. (I can't say for sure since the last movie I watched was.. er, something I can't remember:p) But you could always publish the novel first; then wait for Hollywood to come knocking to buy you story's reproduction-rights~!

More banner-design tweaking to begin the day's work. After lunch, I proceed to work on ACS' (Archery Club of Singapore) Polo-tee design. Scanning designs off the old tee and a club-crest was easy enough. Extracting them cleanly took a while, since the scans were of "somewhat 3-dimensional" objects. The evening draws close as I make little progress. I think I need to go sweat it out~! Eventually opted for a swim because calves were aching from yesterday's gym-work.

Will continue with the ACS-tee later~! *dinner-time*


joline said...

i really like the picture of the side view mirror. being black and white makes it look all the more interesting.

WR said...

Nice to know you can appreciate my mundane photo-subjects too~ Heh heh~ think i'll post more pics in future - easier to blog also if i've no inspiration to write much.. hoho~ :p