Monday, June 27, 2005

Grey Days don't Stay

Rainy days are always gonna be around whether we like it or not.

Thoughts translated from few-weeks-old pics:
I don't know about y'all, but when i wake up to find the weather outside looking like this, my mood gets affected somehow...

peaceful gloom 1
I'm either numbed into inaction/nuaness by the uninspiring, flat : almost 2-dimensional-looking scene... or

peaceful gloom 2
get egged into creativity-mode by the most unlikely/unexpected subjects...

untitled sunset
at the end of the day, i'm always humbled by how simple yet profound the colour-schemes above can be.

more words tmr~


joline said...

The bird is so kewwt i want to squish it.
Very pretty colours indeed... (last picture)

Is it me, or did you do some editing to the first picture? My brain is encountering problems trying to identify it.

WR said...

heh heh.. actually, i took a few more pics of tt bird..

tt 1st pic is focused on the top of the block next to mine.. those protuding stuff are lightning conductors and chimneys/air vents i think. the area above the building is actually the sky - wearing a colour almost-seamlessly matching the building's exterior~! (Hence, i felt this real-life 3Dscene looked rather 2-D to me)