Friday, June 17, 2005

Me Eyes Grow Heavy

Hmm.. sorry for yesterday's let-down - no more chatter after lunchtime..
somehow not much new thoughts were dying to get out of my head..

The day started off bright and cheery; with a cyan morning sky and the glorious sun!

It didn't last for long though. By late morning, grey sheets creeped up over the island and pretty much dulled the weather for the rest of the day. On the less-grey side, the screening of the sun with a sprinkling of rain does make the summer weather much more bearable :)

More, as promised(not very much though):

Today, was... a tiring but interesting day. Played a lil'footy b4 the rain fell at noon-time. Fired a different, heavier-poundaged bow. (Is that the right description?) Took a few new bus routes. Visited SIM(HQ). It's a spick-and-span-looking campus I must say~ Alvin, i'm sure u're comfortable there; other than the travelling required.

Yep, that was pretty much it for today. Apologies for not living up to promise. But as the title says it all. Me eyes were heavy since I woke this morning. Like the other bow I used today, me eyes weigh a few pounds more at this moment.

That's all for now.. Untill tommorow~!

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