Sunday, June 12, 2005

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I'm done with my part-time course (still owe a project though~!) but that dosen't mean I go kai-kai or slack everyday! Since I quit working, most of my travels(machiam SG very big) involve going to workout nowadays(either gym or court soccer). At home, I've been doing this flyer and banner design for the upcoming
WASBE2005 Conference .

For the longest time, I've not had a good mingle-in-the-crowd; that didn't involve trying to hurry past them. So today, I dropped by the Police Academy for the Police Week cum Road Safety Awareness Carnival. (guys, this is where u say: yea right, go Carnival to mingle with crowd! Bedok Central no crowd ah?) Ah, but I like to explore new ground.

Anyway, I got there about 10am - early(by Sunday-morning-standards), so the crowds had not built-up yet. Lined-up along the boundaries of this big field there were big,white tents with F&B stalls; game stalls & souvenir and miscellaneous retail stalls. I walked through the whole length of them. Enjoyed myself most at the mini archery range :D (again, to u guys: you have great imagination about how i was being "coached" lah! But, every visitor to the archery booth also received similar coaching what. -.-)

Unfortunately, I did not whip out my camera too many times because of the lack of eye-catching visuals. Perhaps flustered by the increasingly humid weather, I was somewhat less inspired too. Even so, I was always finding something for someone in mind. & I received it from a guy dressed up in a colourful clown outfit.
"Thank you, Mr.Balloon Twister" *wink* ;)

Recently, I started attending a Church service (just to clarify, in case u were puzzled by last post which made no mention of "Church") Last Sat was only my 2nd ever such attendance. During that service, what is known as, a "charismatic" style of worship, is practised. (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?) I'm not sure what other styles there are, but I find the music to be very enlivening for a start. And just like last week, I "went back to school" again, kinda' like retracing some forgotten past where His Word was first made known to me.

The main message to the congregation during that service was about questioning your own fears of reaching out - evangelising. I got what the Pastor was saying but couldn't relate fully for I myself am not Christian yet. For the true believers, the message probably struck a chord more resoundingly with them. Perhaps this(calling to action?) was why you felt it was "so wierd". Is it something all Christians are compelled to do? Maybe when the time comes, I'll know as well. (",)

Even though I didn't actually receive any divine calling/sign from Him; within, I found myself getting in touch with my spirituality; and actually enjoying the experience of it all. As I continue to search for it, I hope that the Church may well lead me to find Truth soon.

What my Friendster Horoscope said today:
"Don't be surprised if you go to make your usual roar and a wee little meow comes out. You're not quite your usual big, bold self, which may be disconcerting. You'll find, however, that being kittenish has definite advantages."
*puzzled look* (o.o) meow?


joline said...

Need to teach you to rotate that shoulder back down! ;-)
Ha, don't worry, i used to do that too. It's quite common in the beginning and there's a way to condition yourself to keep it down.

WR said...

Your guidance would be most appreciated~! :o)
Perhaps I'll try lifting some weights while looking in the mirror to check that shoulder for the time being :p