Thursday, June 16, 2005

Euphoric Neurons

~ 8:30am:
There is nothing better than a head buzzing with thoughts to kickstart one's day.

Ironically, I was roused from blissful slumber by some vision in my sleep - a climax of bliss.

But after that, the numerous transient fragments of thinking could not stop coming to me, all at once. Like the countless tributaries and little streams that trickle ineveitably into a river, I see in my mind's eye: possible trials and agendas contributing more and more into the river of Life. And no, it is not a calm and pretty sight such as the
River Seine ... That will come eventually when Life runs its course... But now is the time of the white-water... the challenging terrain of rocks and rapids. Hang on to your horsey.. er, rubber-rafts I mean :D


12pm Newsflash:
I got my LaSalleSIA student card made yesterday :o)
& I've received a "Thank-you-for-applying" letter from NTU finally.
As fellow Artist/Designer EugeneT would say:
"Time for Revenge of the Private Art Schools~!!"
& I echoed, "Onward with the Revolution~!!" (^o^)

1pm Nonsense:
I was just singing along to a Sixpence None The Richer song when I re-discovered that I kinda like singing in falsetto . Even though I had difficulty trying to match Sixpence's lead singer, Leigh Nash; I got a kick out of mimicking her saccherine vocals. Hmm, or myb I just like to "BeeGee-fy" any song that comes to my fancy. Muah~hahahar~~!!

More chatter, later

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