Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Life In Transit

I look at the itinery while I wait-out the days before take-off...
I've gone through it at least, twice or more? Enough to make me WANT to get some work done while I wait.. But then, the reality is that planning one's own work is easy.. Actually getting it done is another thing. It sure takes a lot more discipline to address self-imposed tasks..

I made the 2nd phone call to the NTU-OAD passenger-service..
They told me that my flight-application was STILL under processing..
I should get my confirmation by this week.. So, what else can I do but sit here and continue waiting..

At the same time, I've got a LaSalleSIA flight booked too; just need to matriculate by this week.. So, by the time the tickets to Nanyang Drive arrive(if they ever will), I would have already boarded the plane to Goodman Road.

At least we're getting somewhere in our Spiritual and Emotional journeys.
A great light illuminates the way from afar; and it beckons me slowly but surely. It is on this way, I can take the time to appreciate the scenery, smell the lilies and all.
All this would not have been possible; if not for you - the patient travel-companion within. You haven't told me much about Him; but yet I've read for myself in your travelogue. Because of that, I thank you even if you may not feel your effort deserves it.
The beauty of it is that He never once asked for my ticket, for a passage to pass. Perhaps someday, I'll find out that He'd paid for my journey too.
Keep walking with me and I know I will.

More travels to come...

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