Thursday, March 24, 2005

So Far so Good

So Far so Good...

Hmm... the work i do now is yr typical office job Mon-Sat...
peppered with attending to shoppers at our Cash&Carry area(sometimes during Lunch)...
The Co. sells frozen seafood by the way...

Back in Jan-Feb:Was juggling a few activities then:
My previous part-time work at an Italian restaurant, a part-time course and my new(now-current)full-time work. Restaurant and part-time course took up most of my evenings.

Believe me it was not possible to adopt a proper workout routine that would
not compromise my sleeping hours!(which would lead to slower muscle recovery)

And so, conveniently, I took a break..
Prior to that, i already had a 1 month hiatus in Dec.. so, 1+CNY+Cse+ItalianRest+DayJob+Sundays&PublicHols.
= abt 4 months of no serious workout liao >.<

I will not go on to elaborate abt the effects of not working out that i experience like many a weight-management programme-participant. Enough exposure on that thru ExtremeMakeovers, SuperSizeMes & Christy Chungs, & well, the rest of the Media.

What would be more useful to everyone is info on custom-diets, exercise or lifestlye tips; tailored to their fitness goals. But more on that when I return to the Gym with my log book ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Throbing Head

MY ThRoBbInG HeAd!!

Dear merciful Lord,
I plead to thee, relieve thy numbness..
Ease this dis-ease...
& set forth a glow once again...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Cloudy Morning

Cloudy Morning...

These days grow bleak. The air is but haze. The skys, usually grey. A dark veil shrouds the sun. The land is scorched. The tides turn against us.

The transient beings of Earth continue trading pleasure and pain.

But, there are those who seek more out of their existence. They are in fact, looking for eternity. A final paradise where timeless bliss prevails perhaps.

Inevitable as the last beat and breath. Period