Thursday, March 24, 2005

So Far so Good

So Far so Good...

Hmm... the work i do now is yr typical office job Mon-Sat...
peppered with attending to shoppers at our Cash&Carry area(sometimes during Lunch)...
The Co. sells frozen seafood by the way...

Back in Jan-Feb:Was juggling a few activities then:
My previous part-time work at an Italian restaurant, a part-time course and my new(now-current)full-time work. Restaurant and part-time course took up most of my evenings.

Believe me it was not possible to adopt a proper workout routine that would
not compromise my sleeping hours!(which would lead to slower muscle recovery)

And so, conveniently, I took a break..
Prior to that, i already had a 1 month hiatus in Dec.. so, 1+CNY+Cse+ItalianRest+DayJob+Sundays&PublicHols.
= abt 4 months of no serious workout liao >.<

I will not go on to elaborate abt the effects of not working out that i experience like many a weight-management programme-participant. Enough exposure on that thru ExtremeMakeovers, SuperSizeMes & Christy Chungs, & well, the rest of the Media.

What would be more useful to everyone is info on custom-diets, exercise or lifestlye tips; tailored to their fitness goals. But more on that when I return to the Gym with my log book ;)

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