Friday, December 24, 2004

Meditations over Italian Food

Meditations over Italian Food
Waiter's Woes

Most of you all already know that myself, Zhiwei and Eunice are working in an Italian restaurant. So, this is just a little sharing space for the 3 of us to let you know the on-goings of our evenings spent there. (By the way, Daniel & Mandy once worked there for 2 weeks quite a while back.)

Al Forno East Coast is a nice little(medium) restaurant located on a nice little stretch of nice restaurants along nice and quiet East Coast Rd. So much so that you'd expect nice Italian food to be served to you once you step into our nice dining environment.

The boss is an Italian expatriate we know as Alex. The pizza chef we call Rado used to play for Tampines Rovers in the S-League. The 2 main chefs in the kitchen are Uncle Alvin(a S'porean) and Gigi, an Italian expat too{not Gigi Leung(HK actress with e cute smile)}. They are generally nice people.

The working environment there is nice too. The boss and the chefs are very friendly towards the staff; I would say even, openly affectionate towards the female staff. Hugs and all. The girls (except Eunice) seem cool with tt. The staff help each other out; so everything's nice.

Everything's nice(at least to me). Really!
Up to this point.
(You were waiting for this next part, weren't you?)

The customers are the ones who make or break our nice little $7/hr effort every evening. MOST of them are nice...
SOME of them friendly and appreciative....

The REST... make me feel that:

  1. The nice A-Maths teacher who made me stand in the parade square for my unsubmitted tutorial was a nice lady who cared for me.
  2. The friendly Platoon Sergeant who yelled expletives to me & my fellow recruit-peers was trying his best to introduce us to Army-speak in the friendliest manner he knew.
  3. The nice Vongole(clams) that we cook, is(are) thankful to be dead already b4 being served in a bowl before these customers(the REST). If served live, they would die of pity for the waiter/ess waitering the table. Those that make it through the sympathy stage eventually try to drown themselves in the white wine sauce when they run out of tears to shed for us. Even after being chewed and swallowed, I suspect that they(the clams) long to be excreted(in collaboration with nicely expensive laxative a.k.a. dessert) from the filthy disgestive system that energise these people who do a nice job of appreciating service staff as one would appreciate his pet dog pooping on the sofa. It follows that the calms are probably grateful to Al Forno for providing nice, soft toilet paper that accompanies them from one filthy dark hole into another nicer, clearer porcelain bowl as well.
So, back to the main point:
So far, everything is nice, working at Al Forno East Coast.

"Thank you for dining with us!"

P/S: Pardon the graphic depictions abt the clams. Hope u had your dinner already :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

kitsch visuals

Here are some examples of kitsch,
source: from various internet sites & my own photo-findings

Some artistic kitsch-works:


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Note: Intentionally back-dated post