Sunday, November 16, 2008


On writing: i think in this respect, i might do better writing documentaries or memoirs as opposed to writing concise news reports or advertising copy. These days, even email becomes a chore especially when one (who has been out of touch with the formalities of the essay and the "diplomacies" of the treaty) attempts to convey rationale, intentions, and neutral political dispositions, in words. Without ambiguity or slants. The exception is poetry, where I have a tendency for vagueness - sometimes intentional; on other occasions, clumsiness disguised as poetic device.

On drawing: Visual perception reveals increasing insight on the viewed subject with the poring over of details; presented by the visual phenomena interacting with right-brain processes. To have a sense of sight is one thing. To see as-it-is, in detail, is another. To be able to do so enables one to draw realistically, but not necessarily artistically. For the act of expressing the seen subject in a drawing, is another matter subjective to the artist's intentions. An impressionist might draw a similar subject differently from the way a 2D-animator would; but both must develop a proficiency for observing detail - whether gestural essentials or multi-textural forms; however sufficient to best meet his ends.