Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Night

~ Wide Night Sky ~

Easy Dinner

Mom was eager to catch last episode of TV-serial this evening.
She asked if I would go buy us takeaway-dinner. I asked Dad and
he said. "Why not we cook something. There're things in the fridge and freezer right?"
I thought about it. Then remembered that we got a bottle of olive oil not long ago; and I had wanted to try cooking stuff with with it! Aha! I'll use the frozen fish, some tomatoes and whatever else I can find.

Fresh ingredients into the fry:
20mins later, my creation was ready to be served:
"Pan-fried Dory-fillet with Tomato-apple sauce"

Chef's comments:
-Fish was fragrant with olive oil and coarse black-pepper seasoning.. (now i think almost anything cooks nicely with olive oil (^^)
- Fried tomatoes were bursting with olive-oil enhanced juices
- Fried apples were tender and tasted like "apple-pie filling"
- Tomato-Apple sauce that resulted from frying the two ingredients was yummy!

Hope u're not feeling too hungry now.. :p

Monday, April 03, 2006


Port Dickson 25 March 2006

I sometimes wonder:
If one achieves all that he has set out to do in life, what else is there for him to live for?
Would he strive to leave behind a legacy of his own? Or would he attempt to lead a totally different life; to try living life in someone else's shoes perhaps.

One thing I've noticed is that some people can indulge themselves in luxury all they want
but never find satisfaction. And there are those who work hard just to sustain their hedonistic pursuits. To some, the pub or disco has become a place of worship(of worldly pleasures)!
Yet at closing time, do all the revellers leave their favourite nightspots feeling like they had a great time? Would that kind of "high" sustain them or lift their spirits throughout the rest of their working-lives? Or would they sober-up one morning; after a hang-over, to find themselves still hungry for something more than any human-relationship or comfort foods can provide...

Here is a song that speaks to me so much about how God has worked in my life..
Have a listen here .

Here I am, Oh God
I bring this sacrifice--my open heart.
I offer up my life.
I look to You, Lord
Your love that never ends
Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to you Lord
In your strength will I break through Lord
Touch me now, let your love fall down on me
I know your love dispels all my fears.
Through the storm I will hold on Lord
And by faith I will walk on, Lord
Then I'll see beyond my calvary one day
And I will be complete in
I will be complete in
I will be complete in You
Source: Willingdon Church (Burnaby, Canada) <--More worship-song downloads and resources available too~

I believe I stumbled upon it, not by chance, but by the awesome and mysterious ways of God. And His hand is always at work in our hearts, moulding us to be just like his Son; teaching us to love as He loved.


To those of you who think God is somewhere far away in the cosmos, know this:
His presence is everywhere. Whenever. Wherever.

In fact, at this very moment, His hand is gently knocking on the door of your heart.
Patiently waiting so that He may have even just a minute or two,
from your hecitc life, to spend with you.

He relishes the times when you call upon Him;
He's always been wanting to have a relationship with you.

When you get to know Him and trust in His plans to prosper you,
you won't be too puzzled about life anymore.

God enjoys putting the puzzle-pieces of our lives into place.
Even if you only find Him in the twilight years of your life,
the heavens will still rejoice!

No joy is there like finding oneself complete in Him.
With God, we're complete.