Friday, April 14, 2006

Easy Dinner

Mom was eager to catch last episode of TV-serial this evening.
She asked if I would go buy us takeaway-dinner. I asked Dad and
he said. "Why not we cook something. There're things in the fridge and freezer right?"
I thought about it. Then remembered that we got a bottle of olive oil not long ago; and I had wanted to try cooking stuff with with it! Aha! I'll use the frozen fish, some tomatoes and whatever else I can find.

Fresh ingredients into the fry:
20mins later, my creation was ready to be served:
"Pan-fried Dory-fillet with Tomato-apple sauce"

Chef's comments:
-Fish was fragrant with olive oil and coarse black-pepper seasoning.. (now i think almost anything cooks nicely with olive oil (^^)
- Fried tomatoes were bursting with olive-oil enhanced juices
- Fried apples were tender and tasted like "apple-pie filling"
- Tomato-Apple sauce that resulted from frying the two ingredients was yummy!

Hope u're not feeling too hungry now.. :p


joline said...

Congratulations on using the stove! Wheeee!!!!!!!!!! *runs and hides*

(no, but seriously... i think guys who attempt to cook are awesome.)

joline said...

oh, and the fish does look nummy. ;-9

Pope @ David said...

to Jo:
Where're u hiding??
*wields frying-pan and hunts for Jo* :-$

*finds you*

sets pan b4 u with utensils
Eat before it turns cold~

Thanks for e positive feedback..