Saturday, April 02, 2005

By the Way...

By the Way...

I just submitted my "project" for *SADM's application
requirements. *(School of Art Design & Media, NTU)
1 x Video & Written Explanation
both abt why i should be allowed into their course
5 x Photographs any subject; no captions needed
*Portfolio optional for A-Level applicants

Upmost thanks to WenJun for helping me out tons
with this video: Adobe Premiere crash cse & filming!
All done in a night! WJ: I did put yr name in the credits =)

3 Nights, 3 Days & a grand total of 12 hrs of sleep later,
I can tell you I've not been awake for this long since my
A-Level Art Proj pia-ing Week b4 Cambridge-Marking.

Also thanks to Juliet for showing the way to *OAD!
Office of Admissions, where i submitted e materials
Not to mention the uncanny timing of our meeting as well:
just as I get off bus in NTU, she happens to stroll by e bus stop!!

I'll tell more e next time we meet

(Yawns a yawn of one who is tired enough to fall asleep while standing)

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