Saturday, April 23, 2005

What lifts you...

What lifts you...
kudos to Blogger for the Post-Recovery feature! saved my life at 2:38am!
Got back as early as poss today.. Wanted to get a workout in b4 dinner..

Nothing like an empty gym and almost-healed wart/corn on my left sole
to get me back on the journey to Arnold-dom..
Okay, realistically myb not the Governator's;
but Bruce Lee's physique to aspire towards.

Started off with a 0.5hr jog/run.. great feeling to hit the road again
knowing that irritating calluses will $%^&* no more..
(!the pains they bring are beyond imagination)

Later, i deduced that Fridays are non-gym days for the folks staying at my place..
Empty throughout dinnertime.. Did an overall weights-session w light-moderate intensity..
Dad popped in while i was cooling down & stretching.. We exchanged some thoughts about exercise as he warmed up..
He powers the thread-mill on as I leave to chow n rest..

Strange how the day passed in serenity...
Perhaps it's the thought of... fleeting precious moments..
A hallucination of bliss… or perhaps reality settling in slowly but surely…

Despite the challenging pace, song lifted my cardio-system through the run
Familiar aches & strains call in on me as dumb-bells were lifted overhead
The home felt empty till Mom returned & lifted onto the table dinner Grandma made

A weight off my mind adds some load to my heart;
but lifts it up to heaven too
Thank you

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