Monday, April 11, 2005

The Word is Out!

The Word is Out!

Went to see my boss today.
"Not many days left", i said.

B: "Accomplished, what, have u?"
:) "I learnt Photoshop & .." then

B: "Thought not of the company, u did"
:o "Helped out the others", I insist

B: "Not accoding to plan, yr Contributions were"
:< "Time was scarce", I assure

B: "Paid u lots, am sure we did"
B: "But commited u were, to other shifts"

:o "I did say frm the start", I didn't kid
:o "I learn rendering & serve fried squid"

B: "Over-confident & greedy I think(!)"
B: "Still, this Lesson to u, deep in, must sink"

: "Thank u Sir", "I've enjoyed yr time"

I half-regret starting this stint; this personal disappointment only just begins.
But looking forward to finish up some poster designs and a little documentation by end-April.
After that, out with job, in comes paint & brush! :D

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