Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A travel companion

A travel companion

Through a drizzly morning, I saw the P.I.E. abuzz
with late morning commuters.

Then, I received word of ET's admission into
LaSalle's Interior Design programme.
I expressed my congrats to him right away.
I felt a sense of relief for him as well.

Once in the same school but on different academic paths,
we have now re-united; pursuing where creativity leads.
To think that 1 week ago, when he told me it
was time to quit varsity, I did not even advise against
his decision to skip the exams. Was I a fool of a friend?
Like him, I took the plunge at the 11th hour, 1 sem ago.
I'm glad his faith and determination,
on top of an outstanding portfolio;
ensured a positive outcome for his interview today.

ET: Amongst our batch of Art guys, we now join Sean in taking
that leap of faith.. Going where varsities here do not..
We drew & painted in the same Art Room back then.
Now, we each have chosen our way; albeit a similarly
unbeaten track..
I look forward to the day when we can attend each
other's graduation shows;
& even collaborate on a creative project once again.

The way ahead is promising yet uncertain,
but will always be lit by a travel companion.

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