Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dawn of David

Dawn of David
ups & nouns of communication

U queue-up for your Ice Blended Mocha.
U pay & and get a Thank-you-smile with your receipt.
U proceed to the side and they ask your name.

When the syllables roll off your tongue,
the counter-staff roll their ears toward their eyes.
U try again, as their ears & eyes find ways
to catch your words before the nose gets involved in the job.

Ok, that 2nd reaction is not usually the case.
For i'd use the moniker "WR" after the first attempt failed.
Believe me. I already tried prolonging the "R" a little.

Another real life example:
This day
was a job-interview by the boss of Al Forno Pastas & Pizzas.
I turn up expecting to meet the Italian boss who spoke his English
fast and accented.

"Hi Sir, i heard you were hiring so i came for an interview"
"Ok, please take a seat and fill this form up first"
*encounters "name-line" & writes clearly & legibly*

"Alright, lets take a look at this"
"Yes Sir"
*Boss scans thru form, cocking an eyebrow *
"Ok, Vehl-Roong right? Tt's how i say yr name?"
"Er, it's Wei3 Rong2 actually"
...more qsn(s)...
"Alright Ve-Rung, u can start work tmr"

1st evening at work:
"Ve-Lung, go to the keetchen & bring out the parmesan n chilli"
"Ver-Lung, tonight, u clear e table and set the tables only"
"Veh-Loong, what did i tell u abt serving the dishes??"
"Boss, you could call me David as well."
"No, i will take some time to get it right.
If i call u David, you won't respond bcs it's not yr name."
Thinking to oneself:
"Isn't tt bcs you keep getting "Weirong" WAY WRONG right?!"

Okay, "David" appeared to me suddenly as
the pseudonym of choice at that moment.. I can't say why even
till today.. Guess it makes it easier for the Boss to rem me
& my pal Desmond, who works there too.. :)

In hindsight, it was a good idea for me to have introduced myself
to the Italian chef & Pizza guy as "David" right frm Day1.
Things would get a lot better later tt week and I finally became
"Day-veed" in the Boss' vocab.

There are times when we can only say so much
b4 the world loses interest.. dimissing our efforts!

But there are moments as well
when silence does more than tell

That is the mutual kind of connection between best buddies,
sport teams and also lovers as well. A magical way of communication
through the unspoken word. I think tt's one of nature's best gifts
to humankind, perhaps the final evolution of what was previously our animal-speak.

& a song which ends:
"you say it best; when you say nothing at all"


Wandering Froggie said...

The dawn of David... But why David? As in in the David And Goliath context? Heh heh.. Well, I'll still call you WR.

Marcus said...

really, david? it just sounds so wrong man. you don't look david-ish to're definitely a charles or horace. charming and suave. :)