Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sweet Anticipation


Remember the last time you smiled to yourself?
When you think about the free weekend you'll
be having; or when u're hopeing to meet your
cute neighbour at the lift lobby going to sch;
or perhaps, finally being able to see the toils
of your labour bear fruit..

Yes, with just over a week to go at my day-job,
I'm already thinking of places to explore and
new works to create.
An acrylic painting is already on my ideas-waiting-list..
A local expedition to unleash the
trigger-happy-shutter-realease within..
Could be a good time to take part in some competions too.

Actually, more importantly, other life projects should
be taken off the shelves & worked on again.
Like family, friends, gym-routine & diet..
or perhaps to find that elusive muse..
& get down to the heart of the matter too..

The other thing i'm wondering about is whether
that aptitude test for NTU's SADM will translate
into anything good. Anticipating a flat outcome really.
sigh.. will wait & see..

The postman will do his job well i'm sure;
though not a messenger he is; to make clear
In 12hrs, his labour shall stir the calm of things,
the ticking moments tug at heartstrings.

Just one of life's simple pleasures i enjoy:
Sipping a tea-cup of dried-leaves in hot water...
Ahh... Sweet...

1 comment:

Wandering Froggie said...

Fwah, you've been taking photos? Heh.. i've been takin photos too! But more nature photography i guess.. Love lookin at the nicer pics... Great feeling..