Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Whiter Shade of Pale

Can one ever be fairer than the purest of Winter's first snowfall? To be the fairest amongst them all? Perhaps only for so long. Even in snowflakes (in its most miniscule form - ice-crystals) ; you will never find 2 flakes of the exactly the same size and crystallization-pattern.
The most unblemished skin also cannot remain eternally spotless and wrinkle-free.

Things have been a little unsettling lately:
1. I've not created as much Art/Design pieces as I would have liked to, in the past few weeks.
2. I've been given a great opportunity to realise my financial goals, but it'll require me to step out of my comfort-zone and maybe be a little "evil" :p
3. To have certain ugly-truths revealed. That make me grit my teeth in consolation and helplessness. That also, unfortunately, give me reason to question my trust.

But, I rationalise optimistically:
1. I believe in "applying" my Art/Design process in all other areas of life. For that, I am glad to have approached
2. Opportunities not grabbed are 100% lost.. If I'd engage them 100%, I might only get 20% in returns but would a lesson or two with the other 80%. Just have to be prepared to commit enough time into its development.
3. Here, I do not wish to let external impersonal incidents start affecting my internal personal judgement too much. But that said, even as I unknowingly continue admiring what really is one's mask, at least I do so with conviction, true belief, and a clear conscience.
(I'm not a delusionist, but I try to make the best out of things :o)

For now, i'm relishing the sequence of loading, raising, drawing, aiming and releasing... of course with a bit of inspiration from someone *wink* ;o)

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