Saturday, July 30, 2005

Immeasurable Joy & Thanks

I'm feeling like the most contented 22yr-old-bloke in this world now~!
Thanks to Marcus & WanJun for party-planning & rawfood-preparation(applaudable nitty-gritty effort~!), Reuben for doing the groceries(finger-licking delectable treats~!), U-Wei & Juliet for Wine(mmm..hope y'all liked it?) & Apple Crumble(yummy~i'm sure y'all loved it!!) Daniel & Mandy for capturing the cheers on digital-film~ Appreciate the gifts frm Marc, WJ, Alvin & Gerald too.. But most of all, to the rest of you, my dear Brothers & Sisters:
Your presence alone was more than what I could ever ask for as a birthday-gift!!
Thank you all for coming together last evening to chill out & celebrate with me!

P.S.: I've to say I wasn't expecting anything more than your company, but well, well.. what a sneaky surprise from the gamemasters~!

& last but not least:
Thank you Jo, for being there; especially so when you've to take time off from your busy schedule and to familiarise yourself with the whole "family" that evening.
Thank you all; my Brothers & Sisters, for making her feel welcome too~! :D

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