Saturday, July 02, 2005


Dear friends, it's good-bye~ to my somewhat hedonistic lifestyle(of 2 months) now. After registering myself at LaSalleSIA's orientation , I am officially bound to student-dom once again; & will be subjected to 17-weeks of full-time grilling in Design. See my timetable to get an idea of days to come. At least we can look forward to a similar vacation-break between Nov-Dec~!! So, expect to see less of me ard here(wasn't much to begin with.. hoho) but perhaps more of my school work. We'll see.

Scene from Bt.Timah Nature Reserve

Spiritual awarness when you look toward the heavens:

Should you gaze till you can't keep still any longer
& regard it's infinite expanse with constant wonder;

believe that through the canopy is your entitled freedom,
& beyond the skys reigns His eternal kingdom.


joline said...

*looks at time table*
Aieee... Interested and interersting to find out what exactly all that time is going to be spent doing.

WRT prev post, so what has "not tearing up all your presents too quickly" taught you? ;-)

WR said...

Aye.. I wonder why "Independent Studio Practice/ Research Peer Group Discussion" takes 9am-6pm on 3days~!! Don't I even have a lunch hour? Do I have to survive on pages off my sketchbook during class?? :p

Ah.. when u take time to inspect the present-wrapping thoroughly; before unwrap it with loving care, you ultimately cherish the gift as a whole.. believe you know what I mean ;-)