Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just Keep Swimming

Swarovski'es under the ice-cream tub lid

Dear Friends,
if you've been disappointed by lack of postings, I apologise for every unfruitful trip you've made to this musty, cob-webby place that is mah' Blog. A wave of projects has swept across my academic-life that threatens to flood, spillover & drown out other aspects of me; but I reassure you that I'm still clinging on to my rubber duc.. er, dinghy.

So, to ye faithful bunch who still drop by, Thanks Very Much~! I'd wish you left me a note or two though~ Even a simple "Hello :)" or "Jiak4 Ba4 Buay3?" would be really encouraging~! =D As it is, my numerous concurrent creative-projects are squeezing me dry of creative-juice to produce nothing more than rough research sketches... Argh.. But I'll try to spice things up with a pic or two to support (or rather make up for) my wordy,weary rantings ;-)


By the way, bro Alvin's recent posts are National-Geographic & DiscoveryChannel worthy~!
Check out his latest post on his
cute cuddly 8-legged pet; and in a previous post, huge swimming creatures ~! Eye-openers I tell you~!


Into the West
Not too clear here, but I thought the interplay between perspective and light in the actual scene was interesting~ :)

When I was prayed-for by R and E recently, I listened to every comforting word they each spoke & I felt "loved" inside.. I was both touched and grateful at their gesture.. but I was also saddened, because I didn't know if the Holy Spirit would come to me at all.. "Do I even deserve His Love?",I thought.

Once again, R's suggestion for me to continue praying hard echoed within. And so it shall be.

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Wandering Froggie said...

Whoa! I love pics like that! Referring to the blingbling pic! I wish I also had an eye for such trivialties in life which can turn out to be so beautiful!

And my posts are NOT discovery channel worthy! Lol.. Just bits of info and pictures that ALSO amazed me.