Saturday, July 23, 2005


From left to right:

Douglas: Why is KorKor sitting on the floor~?
Derek: When will it be my turn~?

Weiliang: Why they make me wear this~!?

My brother,
this day,
you have come of age.

No more,
shall you be bound
to childlike freedom.

But hold on,
to that sense
of humility and love.

what your faith
has provided you.

Forgive me,
if I have not done
my uptmost as a brother you.

If anything,
I bid you Truth, courage,
wisdom and compassion always.

God bless Mum & Dad;
God bless You


joline said...

haha, cute little stray hand over there on the bottom left.

WR said...

Hmm... *squint*
Hmmm.. *magnifying-glass*
Hmmmppff.... *microscope*
After some detective-work..
I still can't guess who dunnit~!
But muz be Derek or Douglas~! :D