Monday, July 18, 2005

Finding His Way

caution: marathon post(s)

Today in school, I found myself surprisingly awake; despite having only roughly 4 hours of shut-eye. Firstly, I think it was by divine intervention that i even woke up w/o hearing the alarm ring~ I discovered later that my alarm was set to ring 12 hours later than intended~! Phone-clock was mixed up between a.m. and p.m.~!

Saturday 17th July
That must have been the first service I found myself somewhat disconnected from... most of the programme... But I believe there is purpose in it all. So, the emphasis was on "missions"; since it was the church's "missions festival" after all. But then there were some interesting testimonies:

There were two young people who shared their personal experience in missionary work. They were a 26yr-old lad and a 20yr-old girl. The man had been in the "missions-field" for about 7 years now; and he said he never felt any internal struggle or hesitation when he answered His calling. The girl however, said she had totally hated the idea of getting involved in overseas missions for a long time before. This attitude, she said; somewhat stemmed from her experience with her own missionary-father. He was very active in the mission-field & would frequently ask his daughters along if not they might not see him for up to months. But alas, during a service where her church's leaders were appealing for mission-volunteers, this girl who was still apprehensive & troubled by a nagging feeling, finally found it within herself to say, "Yes, I'll go~!". & as she said that, she immediately felt more at peace inside, despite the change of heart. And somewhat ironically as well, on her maiden mission to Timor-Leste, she became the 1st amongst her family members to spend more than 6 months away on a mission.. she was there for 1 whole year in fact~! She chuckled when she mentioned that she found that she even put on 10kg from her stay there; pointing out that a missionary's simple way of living does not mean having to starve...

An interesting piece of history Pastor BL related to us went something like that: Around 1266A.D, (Mangu &) Kublai Khan; son(s) of Genghis Khan, was ruling over the vastest empire ever held by the Mongol empire. Two Venetian merchants, Maffeo and Niccilo Polo, were brought before the Mongul rulers. After receiving the Mongul court's hospitality, the two Polos were sent on their way with a letter in Turki addressed to Pope Clement IV asking the Pope to send him 100 learned men to teach his people about Christianity and Western science. When the Polos completed the 3year-journey home, the Pope had passed away. When the Polos set off toward China once again, they only managed to bring with them two friars and gifts for the Khans. However, the friars turned back because of some difficulties faced early along the route. Thus, the Khans never received the 100 learned-men they had requested for. And the Mongul-rulers embraced Tibetan Bhuddism instead. And then Pastor BL said: Christianity's greatest evangelistic-opportunity ever, had passed on; His "hour of visitation" had gone. (You can read up more
here; although not all the above revealed during the service are included)

Another issue discussed was about sacrifice.. Matt 26:6-13 were the verses highlighted...
The virtues of "courage" and "sacrifice", examplefied by the woman recorded in those verses; were then re-emphasised again in the Pastor's appeal for volunteers in the year-end mission to Timor-Leste.

& a meaningful quote was presented:
"He is no fool who gives
what he cannot keep

to gain that which he cannot lose"
- Jim Elliot(missionary who did not survive mission to bring the Word to natives in Ecuador's jungles)

Friday 15th July
Alas, the final installment in our musical buffet. What an enjoyable time it has been~ But, guess not all good things come to an end yea *wink* ;o) Most importantly, it was joyous _____ ____ ___~


As i skipped along the pathway toward the estates' gates, it was already starting to drizzle. I hurried and heard the sound of a plastic-card hitting the tarmac. I looked back & saw nothing unusual. Then, before i took another step, I reached for my shirt-pocket & realised that my EZ-link card was missing~! *That explained the sound~!* Ah, I almost panicked but retraced my steps and saw a small, dark drain(with metal grille cover) by the sidewalk. Oh man~! But before I imagined the worst, I bent down & felt the familiar plastic of an object right at the edge of the roadside-drain opening~! I wiped off some dirt from the surface and put the card safe back into my wallet. He's not let me down; get lost or leave me stranded since I began my personal walk. *smile* Thank You God~!

Could it be that: The Creator's test is set in our daily lives; in our very own mortal existence?

If it would do You justice, I'd strive for the what is lovely in Your eyes... but I cannot speak Your Word when I myself have not grasped it. So I pray that You build me up; to last the distance; so that I will confidently become a mouthpiece for Your word.

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