Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Star Is Born~!

Last Sunday, I went went with Bro Kerong & a mutual friend to support our dear Bro Melvin when he competed in the finals, of this local talentime competition(called Xin1 Yao2 Jie2 in Mandarin) featuring upcoming local Mandarin-song composers & performers:
Here are some snapshots of the event:

Not in the limelight
but still shining in his keyboard-performance of the song he co-wrote. Melvin is rapt in emotion here, playing "Kitchen" (Chu2 Fang2)

A Few Words
from the the composer himself(2nd frm left), after his second song. Yes, TWO of his songs made the cut for the Finals~!

Misc Shots:

you can pretty much tell where we were seated from this shot.. lol.. ideal position for sniping photos w/o much intervention from ushers.. however, they did not seem to care much with ubiquitous camera-flashes throughout the event. Especially when guest-performer Gigi Leung came on stage to present two songs. My batteries were almost out then & I wanted to save the last bit for a Melvin-moment; just in case... so I couldn't take a shot of the HK diva~ >.<

It'll take more than chants and spells for your friend to win Pal.. heh heh... :-p

Melvin's song "Kitchen" wins the "Most Popular Song" award~!
Oops, I missed a chance to shoot the actual prize-presentation when the battery went dead crucial moment~!
The low-batt-beeping-alarm sounds as I go, "D'oh!" (>.<)

Strangely, after popping-out the batt from the camera & letting it "cool-off" for a while before popping it back in, I managed to catch this final group photo of all the participants and guests of honour~!
Well done Bro~!

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