Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Timeless Botany

Morning Glory ;shot whilst on bus to workplace, earlier this year. Such was inspiration, other than the thought of you... ;-)

When the gift was passed-on to its intended recipient, it was not exactly what the gift-giver had hoped for. The petals had yet to be split outwards to display its blossom. & so, the Lily remained innocent as it's sealed-state & pristine exterior; susceptibly a gesture of hope & redemption.

We learn of the white flower's blossoming days after. Even though the gift-giver never saw it, he revelled in knowing that she appreciated the gift; even to it's final wilt & wither.

Perhaps, how beautiful a flower's bloom appears to one; depends on one's state of mind.


Algal Bloom inside Bedok Pond 'B' (Man-made Water Catchment). The sun gives life, even to what is actually a huge drain.

White Hibiscus from a few years back. I don't remember seeing a white one before that. So, I was struck by its beauty and was glad to have had the camera with me~

& I forgot to ask:
"Did the sunflower reveal its full bloom; in all its leafy green & bright yellow glory?"
Because that day had been blissful, the thought of your joy supercedes the eventuality of the stalk of life... To me, it remains smiling even though I cannot actually see. It is because I feel.

Inseparable & so, old they grew; together.


joline said...

*inaudible inward singing*

Love all the photos! Can't decide on which one i favour. Thought the algae one was interesting. muah haha.

Very pretty pictures and that hibiscus is sure one of a kind! (reminds of those primary school days of red hibiscus(es) and cutting the thing up)
The white contrasting against the blue sky is just beautiful. :-)

And yep, the sunflower opened up the next day! Should've sent you a picture of it. The happy bright cheery little thing. Was afraid of giving it a sniff for fear of a potential pollen attack. :-P

WR said...

Gee.. Glad you enjoy them.. Think the first pic makes a great wallpaper - can send u if u wan :)

Yes, a rare sight that was, to me. So pure. Plus the owner probably just watered his sidewalk-plants.. hence the dewy-looking petals.. hohoho...

Ah, I have good faith in flowers blooming now.. hee... mb u could post it on the Vacuum ;)