Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Existence & Immortality

"Existence is how you remain in others' Hearts & Minds"
WJ: this was something I read from your Messenger "personal msg" some time back..

When I reflect on it, I think that has some profound meaning within. I think WJ meant "existence" to encompass not just a"state-of-being-alive-&-of-consciousness" but at the same time, "a-state-of-being-where-one-feels-a-sense-of-belonging"...

Take for instance, if one's only aim in live is to merely survive, he might choose to live alone. Like a hermit; in solitude, depending solely on himself and shunning human contact. This would be an extreme case of social-exile; but it illustrates the point of being "non-existent"- where even in death, no one is aware to mourn the passing. One's existence would be sadly pass-by unrecorded ... be rendered "negligible" even!,

On the other end of the spectrum, if one chooses to live a life where he abundantly-invests his time in things that involve the rest of humankind, he can be assured of perpetuating his name, the part of his worldly-existence that extends even after his body goes 6ft-under or is scattered as ashes. One must have a sense of belonging to his people(to even want to have anything to do with them), to even be compassionate in the 1st place, before being given any honour, let alone that of "perpetual-existence". However, the things that could grant one such "existence" could be far from good as well... i.e. Hitler's notoriety is associated with his ethnic-cleansing & war-mongering ways...

To infer further, existence beyond one's last breath; lies within others' hearts & minds. Such existence can even be considered as "immortality"~! If you think about all the history-makers the world has ever known, they are survived by their accomplishments or contributions; that have shaped the course of history as we know it today! Will expand on this topic at a less unearthly hour in future..
until then... "WR Out"~!

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joline said...

A most delightful post. Sounds very WR, if i may be so bold. *chuckle*
lookin' forward to the extended version.
With regard to the previous post... My pleasure. :-)

WR said...

Hee.. glad you found it as such.. tt's "WR-dry-gin" for you; a spirit tt needs an acquired taste to appreciate.. :p
"extended version" reminds me of LOTR~ ;)