Saturday, August 13, 2005

Brother Samuel

Flashback :

13th Jan 2001
ChiChing Utd's New Signing

Samuel Lim Liang aka "Jimmy" receives his club-shirt finally after leaving the Anglican Fields for Texas 1 year+ (as at the time of this event
) ago. Physio-cum-Manager-cum-Centreback Daniel welcomes him home "officially" in this presentation-ceremony~
(P.S. This was actually Brother Zhiwei's 18th B'day.. an event which was attended by 17 in all; we had to open 4 tables up just to squeeze ourselves and the BBQ-steamboat-buffet dinner!)

I dialled the numbers. The person on the other end answered.
The deep voice was sounded strangely familiar and novel at the same time. Over the phone, his "not-especially-jolly-sounding"(myb even tersely) spoken "Hello" belies a warm, easy-going and humorous character. :p He's still just as laid-back in person as before.

I travel down the escalotor and saw a familiar face that smiled just frm the eatery a few paces away. Heh, he still looks the same. Maybe more formally dressed only, heh heh. His sister, her husband, & husband's parents were there with him; together with a little bundle of joy~!

Samuel: "Heh, I'm called 'Uncle Sam' now.." "Meet my niece, Esther~"
WR: *smile* "Awww..."


WR: How've you been all this time?
S: "Been doing really good"
"Look" *proceeds to pinch a palmful along his tummy*

Both: *chuckle*
WR: "boy, when was the last time we met up?"
S: "Think it was some dinner; or somewhere maybe at Melvin's place"
WR: "Thought you came back once when we were still in the Army?"
S: "No, I think you all weren't in Army yet"
WR: "It seems like not long ago since you left"
S: "I've been in U.S. for 5 & a half years already eh~"
WR: "Oh yea.. you left straight after AHS~!"

updates about our Brothers, general happenings in SG, etc..

WR: "What made you decide to join the Bible School?"
S: "I've known these group of people who attend this school for a very long time already." "Since I was a kid even. I've always been a Christian although sometimes I don't go to Church; and never once thought about enrolling in Bible school~! But when I was in U.S, there was a group of fellow Christian students who I got to know, and regularly met-up with. In those sessions we got to hear each-others' personal experiences with the Lord. After some time, it softened my heart. There are times when I think about some good things that have happened in my life, I think they happen for a reason: Wow. God is really working in my life!
I let my parents know, spoke with my Sis(s) abt it too; and they were all ok with it. And so now the church, I was attending, is sponsoring my 2-yr course in Bible School. I kinda' like a 'missionary' now; heh heh.. So far, what I've learnt has been very meaningful and I'm really lucky that everything has been provided-for."
WR: "Wow. That's great. I'm really happy to hear all this"
S: "Yeah. Life's been great really~"


The flight beckoned.
We left the eatery to proceed to the Departure Hall at a leisurely pace.
Samuel takes this opportunity to carry Esther about along the way. His aunt-in-law mentioned: "By the time you come back, she'll be able to speak with you already~" :)

Then, once more, his family bade him their warmest farewell; with a hug from his sis too.
S: "See you in maybe 2 years"
WR: "Take care man~"
*wistful sigh*

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