Monday, May 30, 2005



the time is 10:59pm
i don a sleeveless shirt
i slip on the thick dark socks
i mount the trainers

30mins later; 11:29pm
my pulse is racing
still feel the cool air frm the waterway
my shirt feels heavy
still see the darkness my strides took me into
my hands are ice upon the rest of my body
still smell the sweetness of the night

a sweaty palm marks a palm trunk

A: What are you trying to prove?
B: Nothing, I just wanted to expend some energy b4 bed.
A: How many people are as crazy as you, you tell me?
B: Not crazy.. In fact there were 3 other runners too..
A: So you are the mad few amongst 3 million!?
B: It was only a 3km+ distance, there could have been others considering the few hundred more square km on this island.
A: So you think what you're doing is clever?
B: How can u qualify my action as being: clever or not?
A: You are screwing up yr body system. It is going to cost money to fix it next time.
B: (fine, myb i belong somewhere else. I could fix it myself too.)

B:*sigh* (what did i just do wrong)

Half-truths turning on me?


joline said...

Bottomline to "A"s responses are clear, though rather harsh on the surface, i've to admit.

WR said...

Joline: I guess I've to see it from Dad's perspective as well; bearing in mind my recent antics! I know he means well :)