Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Just Do It

Just Do It

Bro Marc's post was the inspiration for mine today.. see here

I think the issue of "madness" gives rise to a debate on ethical philosophy.
How justifiable can the means to judge, whether a person is sane or of unsound mind, be?

Who is to say what is right or wrong?

From a ethical point of view, I think every person is entitled their own "freedom", so long as their free-willed actions do not directly cause suffering to another person.

If true freedom exists, then the outcasts that Bro Marc mentioned should not be confined in institions at all. But alas, even a democracy governs by the word of the masses. And we can only watch, as the masses dictate every aspect of our social norms.

"Bo jeng hu" condemn Pay-And-Pay & u'll start finding ISD agents disguised as mobile keropok stall operators and taxi-drivers around your neighbourhood. Anyhow wear checkered pants & the fashionistas will sue you for "visual assault"(phrase borrowed frm Jo=). Ask the Cai Dao Kuei Uncle to serve the egg seperate frm the carrot-cake & he'll probably exclaim "lu siao ah!" The list goes on & on..

I'm sure everyone has their fair share of deviance; but kept to a minimum due to societal pressures (with a little help from folks home perhaps)

So, my message to everyone is this:
Expressing your inner self is a beautiful thing. Do not be bothered whether it's unique, trendy or passe.
Do your thang & be happy you did it your way.

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