Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another Ordinary Day

Another Ordinary Day

*Uncurling oneself on bed*
conducts water-parade

consumes oatmeal-cereal drink Mom prepared
browses yest's papers at the same time

contemplates going for run
succumbs to living room sofa
contemplates taking an afternoon nap

receives an SMS
calls Marc to offer advice on working with acrylic paint

ransacks refrigerator
pops a plastic tub into the microwave
yest's dinner-leftovers became today's Brunch(or is it Tea?)

misc activities: day-dreaming, browsing thru somemore "was-news", sky-gazing & etc

lying on sofa
notices a weather most excellent for outdoor activity
recalls an unofficial notification of deadline for IPPT

looks for comfort-attire to make enjoyable the activity ahead
performs stretches on floor

light-jogs to stadium
notices rather uncrowded running-track
sees how far a ball, pro-footballers whack
Proceeds to do a 2.4km
Begins recording of lap-timing

manages to finish without spilling any innards/undigested Brunch
realises need for more regular runs

notices fairly empty swimming-pool
decides to do a lil' more training
swims near the pool-floor; releasing breath gradually
dosen't make it very far before lungs threathen to collaspe

performs cleaning routine in bathroom
appreciates the existence of water-heating devices

pops another tub into the radioactive device
imagines possible effects of nuclear activity in various places:
NewZealand: 5 million Beef steaks well-done in under a minute.

China: Few thousands years of heritage and civilisation + billions in population + zillions of chopsticks, erased in 1 min.

Antarctica: Millions of years of geology would be sent spewing all across the globe in 2 min, causing a world-wide incalcation of recipes for Ice Kachang, ChingTeng, Ice Jelly & etc in 2 days.

Singapore: 100+ strands of rice flour + 20thin slices of fish cake + 4 prawns = CharBeeHoon in 3 min.

my "day" starts.
to work, to work..

say "Good Morning" to Mom
hears the tinkling of cups and spoons and cereal-tins
curls up into a snoring-ball

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