Sunday, May 22, 2005

Untitled Thoughts

Untitled Thoughts
(Last)Friday Evening:

After my 2.4km run at Bedok Stadium, I am walking home happily.
Being pleased with the 15-second progress since last week,
I yoddle a cheesy* pop-song or two along the way.
*(Think: Elton John's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" & Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl")

When I got out of the lift, I flipped out the little nylon-pocket hidden
in my running shorts; to get my key. Then, I was struck by horror-of-all-horrors to find another little-hole (that wasn't the pocket-opening) on that little nylon-pocket! I poked my little-finger through that little-hole. "Right, just my lucky day", I thought.

At times like these, I am dumbstruck. Amazed- at how the littlest of things/events can have effects anything-but-little. Hmm, maybe I should spend this time inspecting the cleanliness of my common corridor.

And then somehow, before the thought of having to wait for my parents to come home crossed my mind, I decided to check my shorts again.

*flips out nylon-pocket* "Dang!"
*pulls waistband of shorts outwards* "Hmmp?!"
Lo and behold~ the key was retained by the inner "netting-layer" of my shorts. Found literally between the legs. (I believe no further description of it's location is necessary)
Well, this little "undergarment" that I sometimes rather not have in my shorts sure saved me from vegetating for the evening this time...

Sunday noon:

I followed my parents to Bedok Central. I wasn't feeling in the mood
for supermarket prowling & so brought some stationary along - having
in mind a trip to the Bedok Community Library whilst I wait for my folks.

After lunch at the hawker centre, we parted ways and agreed to rendevous in about 2hrs-time; the mode of communication being SMS. With a satisfied tummy, I trot along to the nearby library.

The lights were out.
& goodness reminded me that it was Vesak Day - when I saw
a banner outside informing of the library's closure for this day.
"Great" "Let's just walk around the rest of the place"

I had just stepped out from one of the (numerous) wholesale stores in the area when I felt a little twitching in my left eye.
*blinks* *blinks again* (trying not to direct these "gestures" at anyone in particular)

I instinctively reached for my eye to gently apply some pressure (ok, a rub, of sorts).
I remember my MaMa used to say: "Don't rub your eyes or you'll go blind."
& true enough, when I opened my left-peeper, I was seeing double.
My contact lens had been dislodged frm its appropriate position (o.<) But, fortunately, the lens was still on my eyeball- I could feel something when I lowered my left eyelid. Now, I had to find a washroom before i could remedy this malady. What was before a friendly neighbourhood town centre was now a freakish dimension teeming with 2-headed, 4-eyed, 8-limbed & etc.. beings. (when u have astigmatism and only one contact lens on, you get more spectacular visuals for less eye-aid)

Alright, i sensationalise. But to see the world "filtered half-fuzzy" is
a interesting, humbling experiencing in itself. Imagine:
Right eye sees man with checkered shirt while left eye picks up some blotchy patchwork instead. Drawing and painting would never be the same again!

I rushed to the 2nd-most-appropriate washroom for the matter - at Burger King restaurant.(The 1st choice would be the ones in the Library. "Dang!") There was already a queue outside what seemed like the lavatory.
"Argh--!" (o.-) *closes left eye* That was one overused, unisex lavatory!

I trudged off to the kopitiam next to the BK.
We all know that kopitiam washrooms are not the most pleasant of places to do whatever business in. But given the urgency of the situation, I had to give it a shot.
"Here goes.." *takes deep breath* & into the dimly-lit, slippery-floored place.
The stain-streaked mirror, with the lack of lighting, made it impossible to check my eye.
I washed my hands and left.

I was still thinking of where to head next when I walk past this clothing retailer.

I spied the empty fitting rooms and decided, "This will be it!"
I grabbed a pair of jeans from a display rack with one hand and into the cubicle I went.

Bright, wide mirror inside. Just what I needed!
I peered as widely as I could into the reflection of my left eyeball.
I finally found my lens, slightly folded(onto itself) by the corner of the exposed eyeball-surface. I used my "clean" fingers(of the hand that did not touch the jeans after washing) to "unfold" that misbehaving film (of silicone?).

Normal-vision was finally restored. *drops an eye-drop* "ah... much better now"
As I walked towards the supermarket, I passed various retailers & noticed that prices seemed to have fallen by half from when I last remembered/saw. Strange indeed.

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