Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Dance

First Dance

We take the baby-steps,
I am recalling how to lead.
You gently urge me along,
your "anything goes" puts me at ease

Swaying a little off-balance,
you pull me back to reality.
When you ask the simple questions,
all my Heart is for you to see

Then I thought, you were falling;
slipping away, into another's hand
"The little dance was so... terrorizing."
I was compelled & ignored my loose ankle

Guided by sheer faith;
& an awakened spirit frm within,
in you I put my trust;
& reached out to start a spin

A ballet to a tango,
our thoughts a merry jingle.
& on to the Rhumba-beat,
before we did the Lindy Hop

As the opening-tune draws to a close,

our feverish Flamenco stops
We take time to reflect -
events so wierd, Twists over-the-top

Now, I come to you,
to ask just one more dance
With no other intentions,
I appeal for my chance

If you're keen enough,
like you are on clouds & rainbows,
I'll talk, walk, sing with you;
& sweep me off my feet, you always will

But should my rhythm be off,
or my footwork go wrong,
No questions asked,
you may retire before the end of song

Lifting my open palms, & although
struggling with the words so few,
Truly, I long to embrace;
to dance an Endless Waltz with you

Imaginary Scene frm an Imaginary Club named "XouQ":
thum(x4), tiutiu(x4), ladadadida...
"Oops, I'm sorry" "Didn't mean to step on your toes"
"Ok fine, but.." "Next drink's on you!"
"I thought you don't drink?"
"I'm making it easy for you" "Or you'd rather do my nails for me!?"

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