Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Back To My Roots

Back To My Roots

*feeling on a high now*
been digging into my New Age/ World (& some classical) music collection recently (The oldest of em' must be a decade-old now!)

but, ever-so-precious they are.
songs, without words.
yet they say so much, stir emotions & touch the inner-me.

From the beginning: Band/Classical, to NewAge, to Pop, to 80's Pop, & to New Age once more. ah........ yes. after so long.
it has come full-circle. they've found their way back to me once more.

there are love ballads and nice pop.
but they'll never offer the same range of interpretation & depth
that is intrinsic in free-form ebony&ivory-twinklings, six-string-strummings, choral tone-poems or orchestral-masterpieces

anyone keen to borrow cds? (em i a new-age preacher or what :))

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