Wednesday, November 22, 2006

noise annoys

*drafted-earlier; backdated post*
A few months have passed since they cleared the grass-field I enjoyed gazing at from my window.
Despite it being the holiday-season, i find myself feeling irritated; getting annoyed at the on-going construction-work beside my estate.

Lately, just as I can (finally) afford the luxury of sleeping-in a little longer, the booming-sound of piling-works meanly awakens me these mornings. If I were having a dream about war; I'd be frantically startled-into-consciousness by the sound of artillery. I hope I don't fall off my bed after such a nightmare.

Continuing the chugging, grinding & whirring of heavy caterpillar-tracks(like those found on military tanks), massive motors & gigantic machinery complements the pounding staccato of the pile-driver. On good days, the "instruments" drag along dull metallic tunes.. On other days, the "performers" squeak, yawn, clash and clang with one another. One big orchestra that plays from sunrise till sunset.

I've found that the best way to appreciate the pounding-noise is to imagine squid-faced Davy Jones summoning the Kraken through the use of an on-board mechanically-wound percussion-system on board his ship, The Flying Dutchman*. (In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 2:Dead Man's Chest, the use of that particular instrument generates a sound similar to that of a huge metal beam hitting the earth resulting in a highly-resonant "gong" sound.

God, I pray..

for grace to accept things I cannot change,
strength to change those which I can;
and wisdom to differentiate the two.

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