Sunday, December 03, 2006

X-borg 3rick60

(backdated;drafted sometime ago)
at the computer and electronics fair,

the faces of young boys and girls
contrasting those of their accompanying dads and moms

for want of reciprocration
folks pamper and indulge in their brood
giving in to their newest recreational-fancies

alas, some, they find themselves
growing more distant from exclusion-
on-screen displays, keyboards, mice & gamepads reign;
technology and time limiting participation

initial hope turns to sheer frustration
the kid's got no time to hear your cry
you watch little-one glued to a screen's attention
to learn that consoles offer no consolation

how crushing the thought
that I may be one such kid -
overgrown, but ever in want


God, only You provide good & perfect gifts!
Still, thanks very much to Papa for the loan.
"With this Dell, i bless thee work well!"

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