Monday, January 01, 2007

december drifts past

The last month came & went fast.

But in the company of friends and family, my tired being within was refreshed.

Some hits & misses:
Not finding time to do any painting like I had hoped to do so at the start of the holidays! ;<
Jo's birthday which was celebrated with her beloved
LibraryGang at VivoCity ^.^
Journal layout for COOS Leaders' Advance - which I am glad abt; considering time & budget :P
(p.s: i seek the understanding of all whose photos have been used there-in without prior seeking of your permission)
Christmas eve chill-out with dear
ChiChing Brotherhood at Villa Bali =)
Christmas Day lunch organised by COOS + Charlotte's Web with the Cell. XD

Not forgetting also,
a labour of love; for a lovely union: KW+PK's wedding emblem + invitation card
Misc media included email-invites & giftcards too.
The fruit of the design-process; throughout which the couple had enthusiastically participated in, was quite exhilarating for me to behold. This was the first church-wedding I've ever attended & I feel blessed to have played a supporting role to the newly-wed couple.
I believe the joy of the Lord was filling the spirits of many others who witnessed the holy matrimony on the first morning of the new year.

The only boo-boo was a miscommunication with the printers that resulted in additional printing costs incurred >.<

Something funny the groom said as he handed an envelope to me one day,
"Ah, here's the design you did for the event to invite yourself to." *chuckle*

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