Friday, January 26, 2007

Thought i'd give the New Blogger customized layout templates a try; mainly just to have the useful "Labels" widget.

But first I had to select a preset template from the list; for widgets to work. So i chose the one that resembled my previous layout the best. Then I tried to tweak the chosen preset-template to look like my previous one but to no avail. The html that i copied and pasted into Dreamweaver just wouldn't display the design in Dreamweaver. I see only lines >.< Eventually I only edited the simple stuff like some colour and sizes.

Hope this current layout reads well on your screens~
P.S: Anyone knows how to make the Labels-widget html work with the old Blogger template?


joline said...

what happened to the green background??? Erm, i don't know about the layout, but your tagboard is appearing in font new times roman and courier and is colourless.

Pope @ David said...

@.@ hmm... strange... Tagboard contents appear in font Arial to me.. it's like olive green in colour too.. wonder if anyone else sees what u see instead too.. (" )