Monday, February 26, 2007

©-DAY 2007 Caricatures 1

©-DAY = Open House at LASALLE-SIA Colllege of the Arts
Happened some weeks back already(2-4 Feb)

At ©-DAY 2007, the 2 Communication Design Degree classes set-up shop to raise capital for our Graduation Show-fund. But of course we were there also; to let the visiting student-prospectives in on our experiences in the College thus far. We shared the same tentage with a few other stalls mainly set-up by students from the Fine Arts faculty.

Our Graphic Design class' stall hawked limited quantities of silkscreened-design Tees and accessories(on consignment from someone's friend's shop), customizable T-Shirts & Tank-tops featuring graphic-art that we designed (and iron-on upon payment) ourselves, and even offered caricature-services to make as much for the Grad-show fund as possible.

So as not to overload this post, I'm only featuring pics about the caricatures I did:
Email me if you'd like a weblink to the comprehensive photo recording of
our class in action at ©-DAY; courtesy of classmates Cheryl & Zuli

DAY - 1:

"Mich the Painter" in progress
For Matte n' I, it was pretty much our first stint at commercial caricature-drawing.
Though I came prepared with cartridge paper and a greyscale set of Copic markers, I
didn't do more than a few "practice-sketches" as most patrons asked for Matte to draw
them. His manga/anime-stylised marker-rendering proved to be the selling point; as many
intrigued onlookers( and some eventual customers) watched from behind the drawing board.
I learnt quite a bit about rendering with skin-tone range of Copics and decided I would
get myself involved a bit more by investing in several skin-tone Copics and A3 marker pad.

DAY - 2:

"Archie" Copic markers on Daler Rowney Marker paper
On Day 2(Sat), when there wasn't much "business", I drew this fellow classmate
who gave me creative-freedom on the characterization. Can you guess her movie-role?

DAY - 3:

Unbeknownst to us, Sunday was going to be pretty quiet in school all the way until a little after lunch time when quite a number of visitors came along our stalls; perhaps after soaking in performing arts events, on the final day of the open-house.

On this day, fellow caricaturist Matte took the day off to rest and recover from a bad cold =(
I agreed to fill in for him if there were patrons who so wish and would pay for a marker-rendered drawing of themselves done by a commercially-untested artist such as myself. =P

But early that morning, the first customer for the day came along with photographs she requested to be turned into caricatures. She actually came the day before to enquire but decided to find suitable photograph to hand to us for reference first. So she asked if I could do 4 photographs(of which 2 photos had two people to be drawn) by the end of the day. O_o I said I could not promise her that I could make that schedule but I would try my best. She said she would drop by later at the end of the day.
"Siti Rockstar" Copic on Daler Rowney
The first of 4 photographs I was to turn into caricatures for Miss K. Working from photographs reduces the "live-pressure" of drawing a live model on-the-spot, but takes away the inspirations/ideas that might spark off whilst drawing and chatting with your model. Completed this on the day and handed it to Miss K who was pleased and gracious enough to allow me more time for the remaining 3 drawings. The cool part is that I get full creative-license in terms of characterisation again! ^.^ Woot!

"JJ sings the blues" Copic on Daler Rowney
There was one last live-drawing job I did, which I thought it'd be alright to accept since the patron didn't mind not being drawn "anime-style". This was taken on though I was in the midst of 2nd photograph for Miss K cos' I felt I shouldn't turn down someone willing to sit and be drawn on-site. Later I realised how tricky it was to try to keep your model awake on a drowsy Sunday afternoon. It didn't help that the music pumping through the speakers at canteen near-by was rather experimental-sounding. I had no choice but to attempt a meaningful conversation with the customer (upon which I was teased about by some cheeky classmates) (>.<) The 3 remaining caricatures for Miss K will be updated in the next post~

<< Many thanks to Cheryl for the pics in this post (",) >>

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