Tuesday, February 27, 2007

©-DAY 2007 Caricatures 2

Here are some scans showing the work-in-progress stages and final caricatures I did for Miss K. She was very kind indeed to allow me the luxury of time to work. And, I was glad to gain a very pleased-customer whilst enjoying the process of my artwork. ^.^
(w.r.t. the following pics, the cropping is dictated by physical limitations of scanner's imaging-surface)

"The Traveller" Copic & Zig markers on Daler Rowney marker paper
Miss K commented that she thought she looked "like an elf" in this one.
Well, if you zoom in on the piece, you'll have a clearer view of the details of the characterization I did ;-) Arrrhh~ mateys!

"Super Wedding" Copic & Zig on Daler Rowney
Looking at the reference-photograph I had, I wondered how I could characterize the wedding couple yet do the sanctity of marriage vows apt justice. I decided to retain their wedding attire and just work on their figures. And then as I doodled stick-figures for the couple's pose, the husband carrying his wife became her super-hero. This time, not much background detailing. But zoom if you want to. Heh heh. I learnt from Miss K that it was to be a gift to the couple on the occasion of the couple's first-born. Now, i wonder what powers the child will inherit...

For the 4th caricature I worked on, I had a black-&-white print-out of Miss K and a lady for reference. The lack of colour and close-up detail actually helped me maintain more focus during the sketching-phase. I went on to colour almost silmultaneously even as some areas were still "sketchy". I guess by that time, I had gotten a better hang of marker-rendering through practice from the last few drawings and advice from Matte.

"Close as Sisters" Copic & Zig on Daler Rowney
I was thinking real hard about what wacky situation would express the feel I got from the picture-reference. One of the options was to put them on a little deserted island but still looking pretty contented just to have each other's company. Somehow, I decided to tone it down to something more generic but still fun. Miss K later told me that the lady beside her was her Mom~! Hmm, they sure looked alike so I thought they were sisters initially. She was pleased and said that cooking is one of the things they do together too.
Thank God for inspiration indeed!

(Pics in this post were recorded at home with a flatbed scanner with the exception of the very first pic via digital camera)

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