Sunday, January 07, 2007

Resolutions for 2007

Here art thine for the year so far:

  1. Develop a personal friendship with Jesus.
  2. Develop Courage for Christ!
  3. Be on-time, if not, early for lessons & appointments
  4. Plan ahead; schedule my time well; including clear & tangible goals in hard-copy

Anyone who has read this is liable to be held responsible for helping me keep these resolutions!
*grin* =P


joline said...

my pleasure. *evieeell laughter*
I would suggest writing it out on a big piece of paper and sticking on your wall where u can see it.

Pope @ David said...

Ooh, to take the plan a little more extreme, i shd paste the paper not just on my wall,
but also on my ceiling.

So tt'll make it the first thing i see when i wake up in the morning! (assuming i wake up lying on my back heh) :D