Thursday, November 09, 2006

Surrender & Brick Testament

In a state of surrender.
Must come to terms with what's been done & not done.

Dad, I got to be frank.
Why have things unfolded the way they have over the last year?
Why have I not found a sense of belonging where
I thought I'd be free to soar at last.
Are they binds that forbid me from putting my half-baked plan
into the oven of the world?
Or is this the disciplining I must humbly face, before my inequity becomes erased?

God knows,
when I do get to heart of the matter.
God knows,
how I shall be instructed as He sees fit.
I trust Him on that.
But how do I know my plans are fitting into His?
Or I should ask instead, how His plans will unfold in me, or what is required of me?

"...Speak, for Your servant is listening" 1 Samuel 3:10


Here's an interesting interpretation of God's Word:
~The Brick Testament~
It's been around for a few years already but to give you readers the benefit of the doubt; and some entertainment, I thought I'd introduce it here (",)
*To respect the creator's copyright-guidelines, I can only post links and thumbnails of The Brick Testament*

"The Teachings of Jesus"
"Following your Own Moral Compass"

I came upon this site whilst researching for my project last semester. I'm impressed by the creativity "Reverend" Brendan P.S. has put into his Lego-version of the Bible. Strangely though, it says in the
FAQ-section that he is "not a member of any earthly-ordained church". So far I've read, it is not said whether he is a Christian or not. Still, I believe that God can use anyone for His glory, and someday, the Reverend will stand before His Creator n His Book of Life to account for The Brick Testament.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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