Monday, November 20, 2006

november drifts

I get this sense that she might prefer some solitude.
Her well-deserved mugging-break has barely started.
Adding on recent extended-family affairs, I guess it's important that she has quality-time for herself as much as the quality-time she devotes to her family. I pray God will provide relief and heals the pain of loss soon.
I know how it feels to have lost track of oneself in the midst of a busy season; and finding the need to "catch up with oneself"(as fellow cellmate puts it) so essential.


Earlier this evening, during a Channel 8 prgramme about home make overs cum celebrity interior-design competition, one of the celebs, Mark Lee mentioned something interesting.
He cited a solution for stinky shoe-cabinets. Roughly translated from Madarin, he said to
"Place a glass of cooked milk inside the cabinet".
"Leave it inside till the milk cools down".
"You can choose to drink the milk if you don't wish to waste it".
With regards to the milk, I suppose what he means by "cooked" is actually means "heated/ warmed". Currently, my shoe cabinet smells like a mix of aged animal-hide and kiwi-polish,
which isn't so much a biohazard. So I'll leave you all to try out that strange remedy for yourselves heh.


Last night,
I made my way to Penguin Books Warehouse Sale at Expo after an early dinner.
I knew Penguin to be a big publisher of paperbacks, so I thought I'd
take a chance to see if there was anything worth my time and $avings on.

Somehow, I had this feeling that the sale-items were going to be disorganised
like the MPH-one(also at Expo) months ago. When I got there, I realised that the books seemed more neated placed in cardboard-boxes on long tables spread-out sufficiently enough. As for the genre-arrangement, there was some rough semblance of organisation - travel guides, children's and everything-else sections. -.-" (oh well... it's a first-come-first-serve lelonglelong, so i can't expect things to be nicely arranged like in the national libraries.)
It was surprisingly not as crowded as I had expected. I guess it was probably due to the presence of 3 other food & lifestyle-related exhibitions running simultaneously in the adjacent halls; keeping the majority busy elsewhere.

I felt the prices commensurated with the fairly good physical-condition and selections available. Regular A5-paperbacks were going for $3-$5 or $8 depending on genre.. Hardcovers even better at $8-$10. or $12. I bought a couple of hardcovers to do with branding, and more paperbacks dealing with various issues- world, psychology, middle-east religion. All somewhat serious with the exception of one. Kinda' like a couple's-love-diary/guide. Actually, I think it's serious too, but it's contents are written in a comic manner heh. Haha. :-p

Ok.. more reading to catch up on now!
But not forgetting dissertation-related research & reading too! >.<
@.@ 8000 words, here I come!

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