Sunday, June 01, 2008

paper chase (i)

To update the previous post on the Australian Uni applications
2 more offers received:
UNSW (Digital Media) - March '09 intake, ~2yrs 9mths(w/credit exemption)
, 54-57k tuition
RMIT (Digital Art) - March '09 intake, 3yrs,
59k tuition

Also, complete-offer now updated
with credit exemption:
Newcastle (Viz Comm, illo-major) - Jul '08 intake, 2.5yrs, 43k tuition

This probably isn't news anymore to the people I see regularly, but to the other friends whom I haven't met in some time: I'll not be going to Australia after all as my ideal-choice, Newcastle, turns out to be outside the vicinity of my intended states of residence(Uncle's place in Sydney/Melbourne). It's at least 100km away from Uncle's apartment in New South Wales. If I go to Newcastle, the accomodation would add an additional 30-50% on top of tuition fees for my entire cost of study there. Not quite within budget I guess. Sad to have to turn down that place since it has mid-year intake somemore. The other Uni-offers were not the best-fit in terms of course content and so... why put myself into educational exile far away to "test new ground and chase a paper"? The wait goes on.

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Aussie Uni Application Outcomes:
USYD (BA of Visual Arts) - no July-intake; next intake/commencement date in Feb '09
UNSW (BA of Digital Media) - on-hold; July-intake; pending processing of recently-submitted documentation
Newcastle (BA of Visual Communication Design [Illustration Design Major]) - full 3yr prog. offer, processing credit-exemption
RMIT (BA of Arts [Digital Art]) - no July-intake; next intake/commencement date in Feb '09

It's too bad Newcastle's way too far from 2nd Uncle's Sydney apartment where my cousin and brother is staying in also. The Viz-Comm Illo-Design major and the other (fanciful)
BA of Natural History Illustration course seem to be calling out to me. There are on-campus accomodation options too; of which only a handful of rooms remain available. Will review my options as I continue chasing UNSW about my application.

I pondered over the further study options at home too; where it would be easier(in terms of communication and resources) to freelance while studying.
LaSalle's BA of Arts [Graphic Novel] seems interesting but I'll be finding out more about it first.

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