Thursday, January 31, 2008

Accumulated Updates (Jan'08)

Went for Australian Universities Open Day event @ Orchard Hotel ballroom; organised by IDP Singapore. Picked up almost a dozen prospectuses; shortlisting 4 possible places to study near Sydney and Melbourne. 2ndUncle (whose two children have studied/are going to study there) has graciously offered accomodation should I end up studying in either city.

Finished my term with
COOS at the end of the month. I found the 4months to be a satisfying learning journey. Though I the projects I got involved with largely required "safe" design styles, I felt that I learnt the importantance of putting oneself in the shoes of the "client" and their "target audience". I've learnt a lot of print-design-related issues from the staff at the printing company which the church outsources print-jobs to. I realize also that there is much room for improvement in interpersonal skills and work-flow management.

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