Friday, June 20, 2008

paper chase (ii)

things coming up on the horizon

I'm applying for DigiPen Singapore's BFA(Production Animation) programme. Founded in the US, DigiPen Institute of Technology, Singapore is beginning its pioneer batch this September at its campus located in One-North(Buona Vista area). When I heard of their arrival, I wasn't the most excited person around until I learnt more about their curriculum offerings.

At the same time, I'm looking at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore's Jedi Masters Program. It's not a Master's degree as the name suggests.(Some have been mistaken!) LAS' Jedi Masters Program is an apprenticeship-stint that offers mentorship and production experience in various disciplines related to film, tv animation, visual effects, games development and production. "Trainees who complete the program and demonstrate an appropriate skill level will be eligible for positions at LAS." -

Will apply to both DigiPen and LAS and (hopefully get to) consider their offers.

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