Monday, August 14, 2006

riding out of the sunset

*! *

o, o


several deadlines arrived like 3 lasso(es) flung out of the dimension known as
the past("i think 2 or 3 weeks should be enough to get this done")
and just tightened themselves over my neck and limbs...

having done just enough to get them nooses loosened,
i'm once again galloping along the dusty plains,
searching for suitable pastures in the land of the gigantic bookshelves...

at present("hey i think i can breathe a little better now")
i can barely smell any scent of danger; but in the corner of my eye,
the ropes are ever twirling, wielded by those whom i entrust or am entrusted to.

God knows
they have been easy on me so far
God sees
every crumb, every snore & every tap of my chin

Lord in You i trust
deliver me Your way,
i declare Your mercies and grace!


eugene said...

hi david,

i like ur tenacity, ur faithfulness, and ur determination to do a job really well.

keep it up and stay faithful and resolute. if u can, mebbe do be a bit more efficient. efficiency and productivity are also important, cos in the working world, especially the commercial and corporate one, u'll be meeting deadlines all the time, and multiple ones at that. u've been thru NS...i know u know.

then u won't find urself being stressed up by all the dates suddenly seeming much sooner and more sinister than u thought. & u r forced to rush, such that u no longer enjoy the assignment.

Pope @ David said...

Hey bro, i always appreciate your kind encouragement and practical advice... Shall have to take things in my stride and not be so "brooding" i think. Thanks very much :)