Monday, August 07, 2006

Nehsasali Notty Notise

Deer elliwan who nose me hor,
I bery beeji in you-nee lately. But leemember i still yr blardder.

ChiChing Bladderhoot:
Got NIU photos frm Genting Highs-land n U-Wei Ikea-land Dipachure

NTU-Cell de:
I up-lowding photos frm the July's FareWell n B'day party.
But like take very long leh becoz te systum muz wan-by-wan pick te files de.
So myb when lu lead dis liao, still hairven up-lowd feenice.. Paiseh ah..


By the way, the above infomation is acurate and is meant to be communicated to the above-said people-groups. I trust that I won't be receiveing any requests for a "translation" of the above from anyone of u readers? o.0

Though it reads easy on the dialect-knowing tongue, it's surprisingly not so simple to actually spell every syllable differently.

It is, however, refreshing to be writing and speaking with language&spell-check "off" once in a while. Especially now when I've to drag myself to the library and struggle to keep my eyes open whilst reading through academic essays.

Graphic Design.
Has many theories.
Well-documented in several academic publications.
Plus other academic fields from which GD can be philosophised, sociologised, economised n anthropologised (& etc-ised) upon.
Do those word-forms exist?
No time for that now.
Tell me if u do know.


Your Name... is a strong and mighty tower!

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